Dr. Palavecino has devoted over 40 years to the practice of medicine.

He graduated as a Medical Doctor from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina, in 1980.
He specialized in various areas, including Cardiology, Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Surgery, and Bioresonance.
In the year 2000, he founded Biomagna, a significant step in his journey to provide innovative medical treatments.
In 2020, he established Biomagna Pro, based in the United States.

At present, Dr. Palavecino is leading Biomagna Pro and the development of NIBS (Non Invasive Brain Stimulation) electromagnetic emission devices to help people overcome their addictions. This cutting-edge technology is unparalleled globally.

International Prize of Medicine

2010/2011 “Prize to the Medical by achievement for a better Life.” Global organization for study anf training.

Author of various books

Author of medical articles

‘Nutritional Depletion in Hospitalized Patients.’ (New England Journal of Medicine, 1982)

‘Use of Mesotherapy and Hydrolipoclasia in Localized Obesity’. (International Congress of Mesotherapy, São Paulo, Brazil, 1998) 

Member of the following organizations:


Dr. Norberto Palavecino

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