Founder of BIOMAGNA and BIOMAGNA PRO®, Graduate from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. Medical Cardiologist, Surgeon, and specialist in Bioenergetic Medicine. He has over 20 years of experience in addiction treatment and has published various books.

Outstanding Doctor Award:

"Prize to the Medical by achievement for a better life"

This award is the highest distinction in Healthcare that IOCIM grants to the best and most distinguished professionals and institutions throughout Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal.

Founder of Biomagna + Biomagna Pro

Dr. Norberto Palavecino, in collaboration with a team of engineers,  is the creator of  the first NIBS (Non Invasive Brain Stimulation) device,  non invasive brain stimulation treatment, for treating substance dependence, anxiety, panic disorders and other brain complex diseases. The specific electromagnetic waves are registered.

Biomagna, the evolution of Medicine, is a method created by Dr. Norberto Palavecino, with over 20 years dedicated to improving people’s quality of life.

Creator of Biomagna Method

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Dr. Norberto Palavecino

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